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School of Educators (SOE) is a premier centre working towards improving the quality of education by providing perfect education related resources to school Principals, teachers, parents, students, administrators, coordinators, researchers and to all other educational stakeholders. It has brought a revolution in teaching and learning practices and with the help of continuous mentoring from SOE, educators have gained an enriched knowledge on a variety of educational issues and practices. This has a direct implication for school improvement. The effort of SOE in providing rich contents on several educational activities has brought an excellence in school practices and has benefited a number of schools in the country and worldwide. SOE grapples with several educational links and provide effective tools and techniques for a successful implementation of innovative educational practices. It serves as a platform where educators can share their professional difficulties and can have a fruitful discussion with other educators for improving the educational practices. SOE promotes social networking among educators so that smooth communication can take place among educators on teaching-learning practices and thus, with a problem sharing and problem solving approach, overall educational practices can be improved.

About SOE Training Division

After overwhelming response across the globe and over increasing demand of the learning fraternity, SOE launched its SOE Training Division.

Aim: It aims to train school principals, teachers, administrators, coordinators and even parents as it believes that education is a social responsibility and that each educational stakeholder must be trained on how to effectively dispense his/her best to learners. Training Division also works with an aim to prepare effective and committed cadres of educators who can work effectively towards students’ overall development.

HOW ? SOE Training Division is imparting training in form of ‘Train the Trainer’ approach. It prepares master trainers who disseminate the gained knowledge and expertise to their colleagues and improve the capacity of their educational institutions. SOE Training Division works towards imparting effective training on school practices.

WHY ? One of the major facts that SOE Training Division has realized is that the School Professionals run short of time due to increased burden of their demanding job.

WHAT ? Keeping the WHY? fact in mind, SOE Training Division has introduced different diploma programmes to be conducted in a distance/online mode, that can make it convenient for school professionals as well as for other aspiring applicants to undergo this training programme along with successfully managing their current job.

NOTE: These diploma programmes are available both in online mode as well as in postal mode.
SOE Training Division has introduced different diploma programmes to be conducted in a distance/online mode. These diploma programmes are available both in online mode as well as in postal mode.

Diploma Programmes by SOE Training Division

· Diploma Programme in Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

· Diploma Programme in School Leadership (SL)

· Diploma Programme in Multiple Intelligences in Classroom and Blooms Taxanomy (MIB)

SOE believes that for creating active learning environment in classroom, planning and progamme must achieve two fundamental aims:

1. It must nurture our students’ thinking skills and
2. simultaneously engage them through their preferred learning styles.

For More details visit http://educatorstraining.in

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