Online Journal has unlimited resources to access . We have tried easiest possible method to organize for reading and accessing the contents. There are some tips for accessing the site

1. Click and browse the categories on the Left sidebar and resources / articles relating to the categories of your interest shall appear.

2. There is a search box on the Left sidebar. Please put your search keyword or string to search the desired contents and click on Lens.

3. On home page summary of latest 8 articles appear. Please click on More Articles New  or  More Articles Old  to get another 8 articles.

3.1 Now click on the heading of the article to view the complete article or to download the presentation/doc/pdf file.

4. On few computers PDF reader might not be installed and you might face difficulty to open PDF files. Please download FREE PDF reader from ,  click on Download button and follow the instructions to  download and Install PDF reader.

5. Some files have to be downloaded from rapidshare etc. external filesaving websites which requires code to be entered. Please enter the security code and download ( security code is available there only).

6. Some external web links take you out of the site. Please press shift key during clicking and a new window opens with the requested site or press back to come back to

7 . To listen to the sound in the movie a sound card is to be installed on the computer.

8. On registering on the website  you can post comments on any post and a discussion could be started on every post by all of us. You can give your valuable comments regarding any post for every educator to view , read and learn. All posts and articles could be commented.

9 .Use subscribe to get every post when posted on in your mail box. Just enter your email address.

10. For searching a right job for you or to post a job for your school goto

11. For downloading Sample papers, mind maps, ideas etc. goto

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