Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth – Girls International School

SNVP Girls’ International School, is an edifice of faith. It is crystallization of the dream of our Hon’ble Director Shri K.C. Tondon. He is greatly inspired by the words of the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi Ji- “When you educate a boy, you educate and individual, but you educate a girl, you educate a family”.

Mr. K.C. Tandon has completed his education from Vishva Bharti University at Shanti Niketan (West Bengal). He started his career from Birla Public School, Pilani in 1958.Then he shifted to Punjab Public School (Nabha). After having worked in various positions in 1980, he took up a challenging project of establishing a new school at Rajpura (Punjab), which became a very popular school in the surrounding area. After that, there was no looking back. He has established more then 15 new schools in various parts of North India. He is the founder of Dewan Public School, Godwin Public School, Darshan Academy, K.L. International, Gargi Girls School in Meerut and Dewan Public School in Hapur. All these schools have achieved great heights under his guidance. He has been the head examinee for I.C.S.E & C.B.S.E for a long tenure.

Mr. Tandon is a great leader whose service to the field of education cannot be expressed by mere words. He is a scholar, writer and a pure educationist. Under his guidance and great vision, we are sure to fulfill our vision.

SNVP Girls envisions an education system that is based on inspiration and innovation, that kindles the dormant talents of it’s students. SNVP Girls’ International School is an institution dedicated to the perpetuation of excellence. Here, learning to be a dignified winner and a gracious loser on the games field is given as much importance as a lesson learnt in class; sometimes more. At SNVP, pedantic knowledge falls a little short of the holistic education which the teachers endeavour to impart. It becomes fortunate to study in a place where a democratic and liberal outlook is encouraged and appreciated. As educated Indians, females are habitual of being part of a privileged minority and are taught to retain and be proud of our heritage and ethos.

A small girl enters SNVP Girls’ as a child and leaves it a young woman bolstered by her awareness of herself and her determination to make a difference in this world. That is the reason we have as our school motto- “To create leaders among them for Generation Next”- the fruits of education must be bequeathed to the service and support of the underprivileged female members of the society. Hence, community service forms an integral part of the school curriculum.

In the end SNVP Girls’ School passes on a legacy to each of its students- the gift of self-discovery. It is this legacy that emboldens an SNVPian to go forth and perform on the stage of her world.

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