Automatic Timetable

Timetable is a fully automatic school time table scheduling software.

Automatic Allocation : Allocation of periods to classes and teachers is fully automised and frees the user of all processing.
Efficient and Dependable : A clash-free and error-free timetable is assured.
Saves Time and Labour.


Simple Data Entry

It is quick and easy to enter all subjects (Physics, Maths), classes/forms ( 1A, 1B, 2A..), Rooms ( Science Lab, Music room), teachers and their contracts. The application also enables creating all specific divisions of Classes/forms into groups. It is possible to unite more Classes/forms into one period/lesson or to have more teachers for one Period/lesson. The tutorial is an important part of the program. Mr. School over will teach you how to enter data, generate, verify and print timetables.

Automatic generation

In few minutes, the program generates a complete timetable that fulfills all your requirements. The program follows all psycho hygienic and organizational requirements such as:

  • Selection for Number of working days of the week (ex. Saturday off)
  • Zero ( attendance ) period insertion
  • Periods per day selection ( 8 / 9 / 7 etc. periods). This selection is day wise ex. Can be made 4 periods on Saturday etc.)

Subjects could be entered considering

  • Hard subjects in first 4 or 5 periods.
  • Subject in which classroom.
  • Single or double duration consecutively.
  • Periods per week per subject.
  • Type of subject ( Hard, easy…).
  • Subjects distributed evenly for entire week.

Periods could be entered with following considerations

  • Periods for which teachers not assigned and left for seminars etc.
  • Some class Saturday off
  • Different group formation for music, sports or sharing common room for different class.
  • Max. number of consecutive periods per teacher
  • Bell timings could be entered with intervals in between

Teachers could be placed with following considerations

  • Should not assign when teacher is not free i.e ABC teacher should not be given any class on Monday.

XYZ teacher should not get 1st and 2 period on all days etc.

  • Teachers getting x number of maximum periods
  • Time off for a particular period
  • Two teachers in particular classroom
  • Minimum/maximum periods per days
  • Limit number of consecutive periods
  • Male/Female

Classes could be entered with following considerations

  • Shared rooms
  • Class teacher taking first period

Automatic Reports for Printing, Website, Mobile

  • Summary timetable for classes
  • Summary timetable for teachers
  • Summary timetable for rooms
  • Class wise time table
  • Teacher wise time table
  • All classes assigned to a teacher ( no. of periods per week bifurcations )
  • Class wise teachers and subject reports
  • Free teacher availability for substitution day wise , period wise
  • Room wise time table
  • Total number of periods subject wise

Automatic Substitution

No need to worry about substitutions every day. All substitutions could be done within no time automatically by any one and reports for teachers and students could be printed.