Principal Calender

The role of a school Principal is to mentor, lead, direct and co-ordinate the multifaceted activities of different stake holders in the governance of the institution. The responsibility of a CBSE school principal in keeping the internal systems and processes updated and adapted to the changes brought in by the Board from time to time is of utmost significance in running an efficient institution. We have developed principal Diary to assist school heads to plan and implement academic, cultural , management and administration responsibilities. Principal’s Diary renders a helping hand to Principals who are old / new to the system in School Administration.

This is a Monthly Diary for April 2018 - March 2019 : Action Plan, Correspondences, Monthly calendar, Important days, holidays,CNSE holiday list , Circulars , Visitors log, unit tests ,Exam Schedule , daily report checking, career guide, exam alert etc.

Formats: Syllabus completion report , Staff student enrichment program, attendance register format, teachers diary , student data for CBSE registration , CBSE list of candidates preparation, , CBSE format of transfer certificate , fee structure, furniture details , smart class details, report card, class wise strength, transport register , Annual calendars Special morning assemblies, Sports and games, Unit test and Summative examinations I-XII, Monthly assessment -XII

Includes CBSE Calendar, Principal Tasks, Examination Alerts, CBSE circulars with deadlines, Important tasks, Admission alerts for class XII, reminders, monthly tasks, format of all important files and documents etc.

Useful for : Principals, Vice principals, Manager, Administrator , senior faculty

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