Principal Calender

This Free Principal's manual + calendar can be uploaded on your mobile calendar easily and includes CBSE Calendar, Principal Tasks, Examination Alerts, CBSE circulars with deadlines, Important tasks, Admission alerts for class XII, reminders, monthly tasks, format of all important files and documents etc. and will updated every 6 hours on your mobile automatically.

We shared it with you, now you please do share it with all Principal's, Head of Schools , Senior staff members of school, school management, etc. by what's app groups, emails, personal calls, social media , website, group schools, etc. to help others to be as good as you are.

How to use install it on different Device / platforms :

Copy and paste (Long press and copy on mobile /Ctrl C on Windows on the link) below ics file :

Google Calendar : Click on +Google Calendar link on bottom right of calendar.
Iphone/Ipad :
Android :
Outlook :
Mac :
Yahoo :
Blackberry :