Quality & Innovation Wing

Quality & Innovation Wing of Nageen group of schools, provides quality and support to its branches, teachers, its parents, and students of all ages from classes KG through XII.
Nageen group of school has an Quality & Innovations Department, equipped with a dedicated staff who constantly research, innovate, develop, and adapt new teaching techniques. They study alternative methods and trends and innovations in education worldwide. These methods and means are continually researched, tested, improved and applied. New teaching materials are also prepared. The Innovation Wing plays, therefore, a stellar role in pursuing the vision of Nageen group making every child good and smart. In addition, this department has developed many tools for supporting a child´s development in all aspects: body, mind, heart and spirit through innovations in all fields academic, social, extra-curricular, physical, emotional and spiritual.
The Wing Members visit the all branches of Nageen group of schools, and observe and suggest best practices to be followed and test new ideas. They also study best methods in schools in India and abroad and invite worldwide expertise to the school to train teachers and update them in the latest on the teaching/learning processes.
Quality & Innovation Wing of Nageen group of schools sees its role in five main dimensions:

  • In service training and re-training of teachers and most importantly, encouraging them, empowering them and creating in them intrinsic motivation.
  • Supervision of teacher work and follow-up based on laid out standards.
  • Creating vision that leads to focus on the individual child's success and recognition that every child is a gem.
  • Setting of quality assessments and standards for all classes from KG to XII.
  • Career Counselling:
    • Choosing The Right Stream After 10th about stream selection.
    • Career Guidance For 11th & 12th Students about which college they should opt and process.
The Quality & Innovations Wing follows-up on improvements wherever required.
  • In service training and re-training of teachers encourages and empowers them and creates in them intrinsic motivation to do their best for each child.
  • Supervision of teacher work and follow-up is based on standards that are jointly discussed.
  • Support leads to focus on the individual child and his success, with recognition that every child is special.
Nageen group of school is the only institution which have an Quality & Innovation Wing” whose purpose is to find innovative methods for the best education of children. Its Innovation Wing employs 15 people who identify and bring in the best educational theories and practices from whatever country, sourcing techniques from the Montessori method, robotics, tutorial systems or management practices.
Teachers, Parents & Students are welcome to approach the Innovation Wing for any help related to the educational well-being of their children. This would include any and all queries including clarity on the syllabus, assessment systems , project work & cocurricular activities, for example. We also welcome parents´ suggestions for improvement and have recently set up a parents´ suggestions box at the Innovation Wing, Nageen Group, City Office W.K Road.