We Facilitate our stake holders parents students teachers principals educators with the best learning opportunities.

We have the ability to deliver great outcome with satisfactory results within proper time with high quality work.
Our School provides the best mix of education and co-curricular activities.


About Xavier’s High School Group

The St. Xavier's Group of schools have an ideal hierarchical system with the chairman G.S.Patnayak at the apex and Board of Directors to deal with (I) Personnel and Administration (ii) Finance and (iii) Academics.

The whole of the hierarchy is governed by the St. Xavier’s Education and Charitable Trust, a trust constituted and registered under the Trusts Registration Act to function as a decision making body and the decisions so taken are implemented and executed by the Group. The trust establishes link among different other. Trusts set up in different localities of different States to run the component units of the Group, i.e. St. Xavier’s High schools under them.

The school with a difference

The Xavierian ideology believes in activity blended education. Numerous activities going at par with academic curriculum in the Xavierian system to strengthen the edifice of career of the students and bring them all round development in the true sense of the term. Apart from this, the system given wide recognition to various other aspects of knowledge found in those who are not even sound in academic curriculum. No branch of knowledge is neglected. The perceptive teaching imparted schools awaken the creative and leadership skills dormant in every child. Education is customised to meet the aspirational demands of youngsters. The schools embark on the mission to enlighten young minds with delinerate and systemic education, inculcate into them the spirit of being humane as well as social values and spiritual development in a harmonious manner, so that they can confidently fact life’s hardships, succeed in the struggle for existence and prove themselves the assets to humanity. Such contribution of the Xavierian schools to the nation makes them the schools with difference.



Message from the Principal’s Desk

St. Xavier’s World School Sardhana is a special place for everyone, children, teachers, support staff, parents and visitors. The reason it is special is really quite simple. We are all committed to doing the very best possible to prepare the children of St. Xavier’s for their future. We are determined that we will do whatever it takes to meet these needs, because I believe that when it comes to our children, nothing should ever be put in the “too hard” basket. St. Xavier is fortunate to have a highly professional and experienced staff that is absolutely dedicated to doing “the very best” possible for the children of St. Xavier’s School.

That is why our children excel in all areas, academically, culturally, on the sports field, everywhere. We strive to achieve the best possible for all the children of our school and will settle for nothing less.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the needs of both you and your child as together we strive to achieve the best possible education possible for your child and all children at our school.

Please feel free to contact me to make a time to discuss your child’s unique learning needs, so that together we can prepare them for their future, a future filled with exciting opportunities made possible through the education they received at St. Xavier’s School. If you would like to find out more about our school, or meet with us to discuss the needs of your child please email us personally at ritusakhuja402@gmail.com

Ms. Ritu Sakhuja
St. Xavier’s World School, Sardhana

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